miniMobsters – 2011

miniMobsters – 2011

On our first day we ventured out to Seneca Creek to go tubing.  We dropped our tubes at the put-in spot and drove the car to the take-out.  We hiked two miles through the woods to get to our tubes, stopping to talk about all the cool things we were finding in the forest!

We saw ferns, a huge beetle, a few deer, and a giant root ball from a tree that fell down in a storm.  We stopped for a quick snack and then continued on toward our tubes.  When we got to our tubes we stopped to eat lunch.  Thomas found a crayfish and Meg spotted a school of minnows hanging out in the water underneath the bridge.  We followed a small creek out to Seneca, getting wet and muddy along the way.  We hopped in our tubes and were whisked away by the gentle current.

Seneca Creek was so much fun!  We bumped our way down the river, swam, and even found a cool rope swing on the riverbank.  The highlight came at the end when someone built a big rock tunnel to funnel the water into one spot so we moved really fast!

The next day we went fossil hunting on the Chesapeake Bay at Calvert Cliffs State Park.  We saw a giant lizard on a log and found all sorts of bugs on the hike in.  A big storm was brewing on the horizon, and by the time we reached the water we had to take shelter under a big tarp until the storm passed.  We were a little scared, but the counselors showed us a cool card game while we waited out the storm.

When the storm passed, the sun came out and the hunt for fossils was underway!  Thomas and Mac found tons of fossils while the girls played in the water.  After a while, everyone was out in the water, and Mac was keen on getting the counselors to throw him in the air so he could do a flip!  We finished the day with some ice cream and played with Olive the pig in the car on the way home.

On the third day we headed out to the country to pick blueberries.  We never saw so many blueberries in our whole life.  They were everywhere.  There was this weird screeching bird noise when we got there and we didn’t what it was.  The farmer told us it was to help keep birds away so they wouldn’t eat the blueberries.  We picked four quarts of berries before we got back on the tractor and went to eat some lunch.   After lunch we played this really cool duck racing game where you had to pump water out of a barrel to make your duck move!

In the afternoon we drove to South Mountain Creamery, a local dairy farm.  We got to pet some baby cows, learned about how they are milked and what they eat.  There was a really cool collection of old tractors and all of us climbed into the driver seat and pretended to drive.  At the end of the day we found out that South Mountain Creamery has the best ice cream around!

On the last day we went to the Shenandoah River to go tubing.  One of the best parts about the ‘Mini-Mobsters’ program is that we get to spend so much time playing in water.  Tubing down the Shenandoah was awesome!  The river was so much bigger than Seneca Creek and a lot deeper.  We swam around with goggles and got to see all kinds of fish.  We ate lunch when we were finished, and headed back up river for round two.  On the way home we stopped at the Bluemont Country to get ice cream.

We had the best time doing the ‘Mini Mobsters’ program.  The group size was just right, we learned a lot, and everyday was a new adventure!

Check out the video below to see us tubing down Seneca Creek!

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