riverMobsters – Spring 2011 Awards

riverMobsters – Spring 2011 Awards

It is hard to believe the spring season has drawn to a close. It has been a memorable season on the water, and I am incredibly proud of the guys for being so dedicated.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the upcoming fall season!

The following students were selected to receive the awards listed below:

Spring Kayaking Awards

Most Improved or ‘The Bulldozer’ Award – goes to a guy who is all heart out on the river. There were a lot of days were Curt and I were pretty unsure if he was going to make it or not, but he really surprised me at the end, developing his role with a never say die attitude.

Alex Becker

M.V.K Award – the Most Valuable Kayaker award goes to the guy who demonstrated the greatest prowess on the water in both personal skill and ability to assist others. He was one of the first guys to hit his role, and definitely the first to get it down solid in moving water. I looked to him throughout the season as a leader, and know that he has the ‘stoke’ to become a great paddler one day.

John Raesly

The ‘Stoke’ Award – the ‘Stoke’ award goes to the guy that was most jazzed up about being on water every day, rain or shine, and was willing ‘almost’ go through anything to become a better kayaker.

Eric Blitzer

The ‘Rocks and Water’ Award – this award goes to the guy that displayed the most courage under fire on a consistent basis. He was absolutely unwavering in any situation and showed no fear. His roll is smooth, and he spits water like a river cherub when he surfaces.

Jack Albrittain

The ‘Stylin’ It!’ Award – this award goes to the guy with the greatest flair and sense of style out on the river on daily basis. If you’ve seen this guy’s facial expression when paddles, it looks like he’s trying to bite the air while lip sinking Celine Dion.

Keenan Monroe

The ‘River Sense’ Award – this award goes to the guy with the uncanny ability to stay upright. He has a keen sense of balance and only swam once or twice in the entire season. Impressive.

Jon Matthews

The ‘Quiet Lion’ Award – this award goes to a guy that has it all, a big heart, a solid roll, shows courage under fire, and often led by example out on the water. He has a great sense of the river, and I hope he continues to pursue it when he heads up to Vermont this fall.

Connor Laird

The ‘Hit Me with your Best Shot’ Award – this award goes to the guy that hung in the even when things were not going so well on the water. He was always determined to make it through the day, no matter the circumstances. Whether he continues to pursue paddling or not, we wish him the best of luck next year.

Jack Metelski

The ‘Brown Claw’ Award – biggest beat down in a hole

Alex Becker for his swim through the hole at high water on the far river left channel of the Mather Gorge.

The ‘Gnar’ Award – best carnage

Keenan Monroe for taking it to the teeth on the last day of the season!

Check out the video below to see the River Mobsters in action!


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